Jaclynn Pearse combines a decade of trainings, healing methodologies, and hands on experience to custom tailor the highest and best program for your physical restoration and spiritual progression. She uses a modern approach to spiritual health by first addressing the body & mind, and then progressing the spirit work. She operates from her UWS studio practice in New York City and is also available by phone for remote guidance.

Reiki NYC

Jaci finished graduate school with honors at the age of 22, hit the NYC corporate workforce, and became the youngest female director in a Chelsea design studio - all while getting certified in yoga, teaching 5:30am classes before the work day, and re-awakening her quantum self and spiritual life. She’s walked the walk and wants to bring others to the same beautiful enlightenment. She wants you to know that you can change your life right now, with what you have. A life you love and a body that feels good is available NOW.


A Note from jaci

From a very young age I "heard" and "saw" things that others didn't. Over time and with the help of my spiritual teachers and years of study and practice, I came to understand that these messages were not of my own making. I became obsessed with helping people by applying my gift with both ancient and modern methods of body work and therapy.

I’m a total believer of guides, light beings, and even extra terrestrials - and I often convene with these entities. I want to make this more mainstream. They’re here to help us.

My methodology allows us to address the body and mind, then once aligned, we begin to build up and progress the spirit.

Its really exciting work and I can’t wait to help you fall in love with your life.

With so much love - Jaci